Re: snmp

Do you have a monitoring solution in place for anything else in your
organization (switches, routers, servers, etc)? If you have a
management console like HPOpenView, Cisco Works, WhatsUp, Tivoli, etc.
you can usually configure these management tools to monitor other SNMP
devices such as DoubleTake services. These solutions uses tools like
ICMP, SNMP, WMI, etc. to monitor many different things on a network. I
actually use WhatsUp from IpSwitch to monitor all our network
equipment, temperature probes, servers, software services, etc. It is
up to the manufacturer of each device to create MIB's that can monitor
such things as disk space, temperature, network status, the state of a
particular services, etc. DoubleTake provides a MIB that monitors the
connection state for a given replication set (among other things) that
I find useful.

So to make a long paragragh short....
-You need some type of management console (that usually comes with a
client interface of some sort) that has the capability to monitor SNMP.
-The device you want to monitor needs to have SNMP capabilities
-You need the MIB file for the management console

Ammar wrote:
hi thenaks for replying.
Note that the only way to monitor this application is via SNMP and i know
nothing about SNMP :(
and what i write down is the only thing mentioned in the application

So ,pleae help me in this ,what is a SNMP management console ? give me from
where could i install one?

"Neil Ruston" wrote:

The agent will gather information regarding the app and send traps to the
configured SNMP destination or console. The MIB (managaement information
base) is an extension which contains agent config data relevant to the app in

You need to install:
1. The agent and MIB extensions on the client machines (where the app runs)
2. The MIB extensions on the SNMP console (where the traps are sent)

If you don't use SNMP today to monitor apps, why start now? What do you want
to monitor exactly? Do you know what the MIB can and cannot monitor for you?

You're app and/or vendor should have additional installation help / docs.


"Ammar" wrote:

i want a help in this ;

I have an application Called (Double-take) that i want to monitor it via SNMP.

All the application documentation about moniotring via SNMP is listed below:
"SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol, is the Internet's standard for
remote monitoring and management of hosts,routers and other nodes and devices
on a network. Double-Take provides an SNMP sub-agent that monitors
Double-Take and can be managed from an SNMP Management Console.

Double-Take installs two components to work with SNMP:

1. The sub-agent is a program that installs and runs on the same machine as
Double-Take and gathers statistics, data, and traps. The sub-agent forwards
the information to the SNMP agent, which relays the information to the
manager. The Double-Take SNMP sub-agent is included in the Double-Take
installation program.

2.A Double-Take .mib file is placed on the administrator's machine so that
the management console can interpret the data sent from the sub-agent. The
Double-Take .mib file is dt.mib and meets SNMP standards."

im new in SNMP and dont know about it much,any one can help me what to do
tom monior this aplpication via SNMP,what should i do?pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese