Re: User permission on local computer

From: Phillip Renouf (
Date: 01/21/05

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 11:27:01 -0800

You can use the Restricted Groups polcy to push it out to the workstations,
but I would warn against it as that policy does not 'add' users/groups to the
admin group on the workstation, it replaces the contents of the admin group
with whatever you specify in the Restricted Groups GPO.

Also, when you do this I would suggest creating a group and adding the group
to the Local Admin account. That way if you need to give another user access,
or the teachers change you can easily manage it without having to go through
the trouble to finding a way to add another user to that group.


"Ricky Hignite" wrote:

> I know that i can get on the computer and add that DOMAIN ACCOUNT to the
> computer through the user tool on that computer, but what i want to do it
> add it from the serer so that i dont' have to touch each pc.
> "Herb Martin" <> wrote in message
> news:eq1nCk%23$EHA.1260@TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl...
> > Just add the Users DOMAIN ACCOUNT (or a group containing it)
> > to the Administrators group of that particular PC.
> >
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> > Herb Martin
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> > "Ricky Hignite" <> wrote in message
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> >> I have a computer lab in a school that i would like the teacher to have
> >> admin priv to the local computers in her lab to install software to. Is
> >> there a way i can setup a policy or a script i can run so that it creates
> >> her a local profile on the computers in her lab and gives her local admin
> >> privlages. I just want her to have basic user permission on the domain
> >> controler but have admin permission on the computers in her lab. I don't
> >> want to sit down at each computer and create a profile manually if it can
> > be
> >> helped.
> >>
> >> If you have any ideas please email me or reply.
> >> Thanks,
> >> Ricky
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