Changing User Password Problems.

From: MOOSE (
Date: 07/06/04

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 06:14:31 -0700

I found a thread further on the discussion. It was old
user accounts from an Old Migration from Novell to NT4, 5
years ago.

By using the command "Net user <username> /fpnw:no" clears
the problem. FPNW is File Print NetWare.

It looks like the older accounts where holding onto some
of the old Netware attributes.


>-----Original Message-----
>I have migrated NT4 to Win2003. This worked fine. All
>accounts moved and permissions worked fine. but I had to
>seize control of the FSMO's and DCPromo the original
>server off the domain, due to hardware failiure. The new
>server seemed to work fine, until we tried to change some
>users passwords in ADUC. Also when we specify the account
>to force the user to change password it does not force
>user to change the password. The error that comes up when
>we try to change the password on a user in ADUC is:
>"Windows cannot complete the password change
>for "username" because:The specified module cannot be
>found". But it does actually change the password, but
>leaves the error.
>Many Thanks