Re: Media Center Receiver Service problem

Jaime;4926879 Wrote:
Take a deep breath and read this KB fix, that has been posted on MS
since 2003?
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"Master_Spade" <Master_Spade.4a91lb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Whenever I start the PC, Notepad starts with this in it:

Then the pop ups start EVERY 5 SECONDS!!!!

I've seen older threads about this going back to 2006. I've read
them, but no one seems to have a solution yet. Well, it's now 2010
it seems that people are still being annoyed. Only question is, what
more annoying:

1. The pop ups every 5 seconds

2. The fact that Microsoft seems to NOT CARE!!!???? WHY can't they
this already??

I've tried googling for answers, but the only thing I find are people
like me trying to resolve this.

Anyone successfully find a way to fix this?


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Thanks for the response. I should've mentioned that before I got on
here, I tried that "solution" from Microsoft. Specifically, I tried the
First one they give that would Solve the problem. It didn't work.
The Second Method they give seems to only mask the problem, and not
solve it. I don't want to just pretend that everything is ok when there
is something wrong that needs to be fixed before it causes more damage.

For anyone else that has this problem, I found a way to at least DELAY
those pop-ups from appearing every 5 seconds. Instead of pressing the
Cancel button, which will only make it reappear in 5 seconds, press the
"Send Error Report" button and then leave it alone. Don't press the
"Close" button afterward. This will delay the next pop-up for almost a
minute. BIG difference!!

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