Scientific Atlanta IPN330HD code

I have (finally) got this working with MCE2005. I had it partially working until I made the registry changes outlined below by changing the procedure I used to train the IR blaster. By partially working, I mean that when MCE (or manually via the remote) attempted to change the stb to a channel that had repeated digits (i.e. 11, 22, 110, 144, etc), only the non-repeating digits were accepted. Since I had the same symptoms (IR Learning would not work) with Vista Media Center (64bit Ultimate), I assume this solution will also work for VistaMC.

I had to do two unusual things to make this work following the tips on the following blog:

note that <> also references some of what I discovered.

The solution:
1) you have to use IR learning to teach it your remote BUT!!! you have to use each button during the learning process in a non-intuitive way - that is, you have to train each number once, then cover the remote control and press the number again, then train the same number the second time. MCE will then progress to the next digit. (E.g. press the 1 on your STB remote while touching your IR receiver on MCE (i.e. the beanbag aka blaster box) then point the stb remote control IR "eye" into your hand and press the "1" key again) - Note, I had an IR diagnostics system installed that showed me that the stb remote control unit was not sending the same code on each keypress but alternated (roughly) which suggested to me that I should try the method described above and it worked.

2) Once the stb remote control unit has been "learned" by MCE, you have to set the speed. You can use the "fast" speed by just selecting "Yes, the channel changed as expected" in the wizard since you will change this value in the registry following the instructions found at Matt Goyer's blog (<>)
NOTE: I set the number of digits to 4 and "Yes" to use the [Enter] key.

3) Changing the registry key found in Matt Goyer's blog, I set the values to

keyinterval = 500 (I tried this value > 1000 but I don't think MCE accepts more than 3 digits as this appeared to screw up the TV signal.

keyduration = x x x (i.e. I left this at the default which is most likely taken as = keyinterval so you should be able to set this to 500 as well but it worked for me at the default.

channelpause = 999 (I tried this as over 1000 but I don't think that MCE accepted this value)

Once I made these three value changes, my system worked perfectly!