Re: Hooking up tv to computer

ati 9600 pro, flat screen using vgi, tv has vgi,s vid, and reg lookin rca
tv/comp can be pip , split screen or one or the other
reinstalling new drivers today, will keep ya posted thanks for the response

"RalfG" wrote:

Basically the same. TV as the only monitor? Either way it depends on how you
connect to the TV and whether it is a standard resolution TV or otherwise.
You could use Clone mode instead of Extended if you wanted both displays to
be identical but then the resolution should really be the same for both
(lowest common denominator). The resolution of most standard TVs isn't very
good for use as a monitor but higher resolution LCD and plasma TVs should be
Okay. My 32" Sony standard TV sucks as a monitor even when set at 1024x768
resolution but we've got a 15" LCD TV with the same resolution that is
nearly perfect for use as a monitor (its native resolution is slighly less
than the 19" LCD monitor it is paired with).

If you've got HDTV, LCD or Plasma you can set up the MC computer to use
whatever the optimum resolution of the TV is. One caveat is if you connect
to the TV using S-Video and configure MC settings accordingly, MC (XP MCE
2005) will default to low resolution output regardless of what you set the
video adapter resolution to be. At least that was always my experience with
it. If your TV has VGA, DVI or Component inputs that you can use the MC
resolution isn't restricted that way (AFAIK). For example, I can set the
display resolution for the TV to 1024x768 in Windows Display properties and
the Windows desktop, Media Player and other apps will obey that setting. If
I configure Media Center to display on the TV over the S-Video connection
however it will automatically drop the resolution that MC displays itself in
to somewhere around 700x500 regardless of the higher setting in Display
properties. IOW it defaults to standard TV resolution. At that resolution if
I ever need to drag MC onto my LCD monitor it looks pretty awful. A
workaround is to configure Media Center to display on the monitor rather
than the TV, using the monitor's higher resolution. Then Media Center can be
dragged onto the TV screen and when maximised will be at the Display
resolution set in Windows.

One Media Center annoyance in the dual monitor configuration is that some MC
components will always open on the Primary monitor even if MC is running
full screen on the secondary monitor. It doesn't affect the main MC features
but Solitaire, Tweak MCE and some others won't open on the extended desktop

The drivers from MS update are usually pretty basic. They don't include
everything that the manufacturer provides in their driver downloads so it's
not surprising if some of the video card's features are suddenly missing or
broken after the "update". I get the impression you are using an ATI
All-In-Wonder card? AFAIK only the AIW 9600 and higher cards are supported
in XP MCE and even then there are limitations on some of them (eg. the HDTV
Wonder analog tuner is not detected by MCE but digital is).

There's a list of XP MCE supported ATI cards here:

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btw i was just being sarcastic last time guys, quick question for ralfg,
if the tv is the monitor also would the recomendations you stated apply
i got a ati update from windows and lost my tuner (i can split the screen
my tv or use it as one or the other) but i am just getting ready to
ati's most recent drivers, but the odd thing was mce would never pick up

"RalfG" wrote:

Since you mentioned Catalyst you probably have an ATI video card. Open
Display properties, go to settings, click on the picture of the 2nd
then in the options that appear below it select "extend my Windows
onto this monitor". Set the screen resolution setting to 800x600 or
and the color quality to Highest. Click Apply. Assuming that the S-video
cable is connected to the TV and you have your TV input selector switched
the S-Video input your wallpaper should appear on the screen. Click Okay.

If you need to adjust the display area dimensions and position on the TV
that is done in the advanced Catalyst controls. Similarly if the TV
detected that can be done manually in the Catalyst controls.. normally
displays should be turned on before you boot the computer but when one is
TV it often isn't neccessary.

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"Jaime" wrote:

Depends on your PC.

First off, if you are using a desktop, are you are sure you are
a s-video output (it would normally be on your video card).

On a laptop, there may be a key combination to activate the s-video

On a desktop, you may have to go into the display properties and tell
card to use the s-video output.

Have you run the display setup wizard?
Orlando (Goofy says "Hey"), Florida

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I have ran the s-video cable from the tv to the computer, but when I
watch recorded tv shows from the computer on my tv there is no
Also, can I see my desktop on my tv?

I am using a desktop windows xp media center (DELL XPS 410). The
plug on the back of the tower next to the monitor plug has seven prongs
one long wide prong at the bottom. My TV only has a four prong plug
with a
long wide prong at the bottom. (yes the cord fits both)?? I also have
tuners installed and they have a plug matching the tv (four prong) i
use them but still nothing? Is there a way to set them up for output? I
looked in the display properties for the s-video output selector but
nothing? I have even tried the Catalyst thing? rgh!@!

Why the HELL dont Microsoft and these other companies make this easier?
much money has some of us put into these things come on now?