Re: Using DVD's saved on my hard drive through my XBox 360

It is not the transfer of DVDs over a network that is illegal, it is doing
so without the appropriate CSS licenses etc. that is. Kaleidescape a maker
of a high end multi-room DVD playback system has such licenses and recently
won a major legal victory over this issue.


As such it would be perfectly possible AND LEGAL for Microsoft to obtain
similar licenses and therefore provide this feature.

However we all know Microsoft is RIAA/MPAA's bitch with regards to DRM so
this will never happen in Media Center.

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It is apparently still illegal to transfer encoded DVDs over a network so MS
has not enabled the ability for an extender to access them on a MCE system.
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How would I do that? I have used a DVD decoder to break it down to a .TS
folder/file. I have heard of My Movies, does that do what I am looking to
through my 360? I guess what I want, is to be able to access my DVDs as
are listed
in Media Center in the DVD gallery, not the video where you have to select
the drive, then the folder, then the movie. I just want to be able to
the movie in the gallery and go, just like on my computer.

"Cameron Snyder" wrote:

One way would be to combine the movie VOB files into one MPG file using a
authoring package such as Nero vision or some other. The resulting file
be viewable through the 360 media center interface, not the blade video

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I apologize if this has been sked andanswered before ( I couldn't find
I have burned numerous DVD's to my HD on my Media Center PC and can
them locally. I want to be able to watch these DVDs through my XBox 360
Media Center. How do I do that?