Re: How Do I Bypass the Logon Screen

1) Click Start, Run and enter CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2
2) Select the user account you want automatically logged on (this avoids the Administrator account being selected by default)
3) Uncheck Users must enter username and password..........
4) Click Apply
5) In the next dialog, enter the password, if any, for the account you chose in Step 2
6) Ok your way out

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"Rich_EMT" <Rich_EMT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:9B424FD5-B3E3-4F10-9A94-94253917384C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
For several years, all I had to do to use my home computer was to turn it on.
The system would come up to my desktop. I never had to be bothered with a
logon screen. This is nice because I live alone and am not concerned about
unauthorized access.

I'm not sure why, but all of a sudden (it seems), I am now presented with a
logon screen that has a single ID. This ID is the one I created when I
installed Windows XP Pro some time ago. How I have to click on the user ID
to get to my desktop.

I went to the User Accounts folder and noticed that in addition to my UserID
there is a limited User ID for something called "ASP.NET Machine Account".

Is there some way that I can change the system so all I have to do is turn
on my computer and wait for my desktop to appear without having to go through
an unnecessary logon step?