RE: HD TV through Xbox 360

Hi Mark:
Correct..........H.D. signals from an antenna only. I know........I'm
disappointed too......bought an HDCP Gateway widescreen monitor, Vista Home
Premium, latest Intel Core 2 Duo E6400, the latest Intel Media motherboard
and was just waiting a cable card HD tv tuner to come out so I could continue
to watch tv over cable by just picking up a card from Comcast when the
transition to HD arrived. Pffffffft!!!!!!!!! tucson

"Mark" wrote:


Isn't OTA what I get through the cable box? Or is it through an antenna
only... So NO cable box?


"xiowan" wrote:

Hi Mark:
I believe Vista only supports "over-the-air" HD programming just as it was
in MCE2005. The exception to this is to buy a new "cable card certified" pc
that utilizes a cable or satelite provider access card. The last I heard
they were hard to come by and were having problems getting them to work.
This solution is the only way to protect the "digital media rights" of
content providers..........otherwise the high quality digital signal could be
copied and mass produced & sold without the right to do so, resulting in
great financial loss to the owners of the protected content. tucson

"Mark" wrote:

**Yes, I searched the forums for an answer and got confused - so I will post**

O.k.. been a user of MCE since 2002 and have upgraded all along - all the
way to now Vista Home Premium. I am finally moving to HD TV with a new 50"
Panasonic Plasma 1080p.

Question is: I have a standard PVR/TV tuner in my HP Media Center running
Vista Home Premium in my office that is Wired to the Xbox 360 in the Living
Room. I'd like to upgrade to a HDTV tuner in the PC so I can watch HD TV
stations in the Living Room. Mainly ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX HDTV Broadcasts. I
have Comast HD Box in the Office connected to the Desktop.

Which tuner should I buy to watch HD broadcasts over the Xbox 360 extended?
Or can I? I read so much about OTA HD and ATSC and NTSC, that I am now

Basically, if I get an HDTV tuner/pvr can I watch Comcast Channel 234
(ABC-HD) in the Living Room? :-) Will I get 720p, 1080p, 1080i? Will it
look good on my new Panny.. :-)