Re: Auto Recording, AC power VS. Battery

My guess is that your laptop is not really "off" when plugged into AC, Media
Center can not turn the PC on if is not even running. It is more likely that
your laptop is set to standby or hibernate when on AC power; in one of those
states, it can wakeup and record. Check your power settings and see if
setting are the same for battery and plugged in.

The problem with having your laptop standby or hibernate while on battery is
that the battery won't last for ever in one of those suspended states. So
the battery might die completely, then it won't record or is may wake up,
start recording, and lose power part way through the show.
Orlando, FL

"Justin" <Justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've got a laptop installed with windows media centre edition 2005.
I've noticed that when you've scheduled a recording in Media Centre, when
the program is about to start and the laptop is not turned on, the laptop
turns on automatically and Media Centre starts recording. This only
when the laptop is on AC power. The computer does not turn on
if the laptop is not recharging.

Is there a setting that you can change so that the laptop turns on
automatically when it's not running on AC power?


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