Re: video card for tv output

If you plan to upgrade to a HDTV tuner card in the future I reccoment the
new NVIDIA 8500GT card you can get one for around $100.

"JimH" <JimH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I am a newcomer and just updated to a new dell E521 with integrated
graphics, a 22 inch monitor at 1680x 1150 resolution and ATI 650 pro tv
running vista home premium. Want to use MCE as a PVR and it works great
output to monitor but now want to also output to conventional 38 inch TV
either S or component cables. Realize I now need to add video card to do

I am not a gamer and objective is simply to get a high quality tv picture
at a reasonable price. TV input currently cable but likely will upgrade to
with upgrade of TV in next year so card should handle both scenarios.

Appreciate recommendations based on first hand experience.