Re: Please help me reformat!

This Article may help:"Format XP on Dell Laptops Guide: Step by Sstep Guide
to Reformatting and Installing XP". Go to:

You need to Restart the computer using the Manufacturer's Disc as the Boot

"Fred" <Fred@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1200, running Windows XP SP2, and every time I
to reformat using the disc that came with the computer, I wind up creating
new instance of Windows, so at this point I've got a few different
on my hard drive that I can't use, access, or delete. I'm down to under 2
gigs on this latest instance of Windows, with like 25 used by old
inaccessible programs. How do I go about deleting all that "garbage" from
C drive? I've looked into boot disks and such, but I don't have a Floppy
Drive, nor do I know how to access DOS. Any help is greatly appreciated.