Re: DvD problems

It sounds like you may have a hardware problem. Explorer locking happens
sometimes with scratched or badly burnt CD or DVDs. Try some other type
media and see if it's read properly.

"R Angelo" <RAngelo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello all, I've bought a new computer and it came with Windows Media
already loaded in.

So this week I drop down to Blockbuster and rent 'Inside Man' drop it in
nothing happens. I check the DVD and it's blank, then Explorer locks and
crashes. Curse and try again. Same result, I check one of my own DVDs
(Serenity) exactlly the same problem, I check a few more of my own DVDs
get the same result.

So what is going on? The only thing I've been able to find is a comment
Windows Media Center has a DRM problem but I can't find a solution. I
this computer to play my DVDs and now I find that I can't??

Is there a work around or solution, heck is anyone else having this

Thanks in advance.

R Angelo.


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