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See this article by MVP Barb Bowman. While written for dual set top boxes/tuners, its easily adpated to one.

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"Romo78" <Romo78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:04B38A69-C01F-4C7C-A1C1-EBC3BDBE9264@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sorry if this has been covered before but im a first time Media Center user.

If for example I set up MC to record multiple shows in one day on differnet
chanels. Is MC supposed to change the channels on my set top box for me? Or
am i supposed to do that through a timer on my box?

Because if its supposed to change the channels for me than something is
wrong. So could someone please tell me how to set that up? Or point me in the
right direction as the Help menus are pretty useless.

Thanks in advance.