Re: I still can not get the tv set up for my computer Please help Blon

Your gonna need more cables...

Run the incoming video coax into the splitter. From there, run one to the
cable modem, and one to each of your set top boxes...

Note: Some cable modems prefer to be upstream of the splitter, or require a
2-way splitter, or something like that - you'd need to check with your cable
company about yours. Then from the set top boxes, run sVideo and audio
cables to your two Media Center tuners.

Dana Cline - MCE MVP

"Help with Media Center Demo"
<HelpwithMediaCenterDemo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok, it does recognize that I have a box.

I got a second cable box
I have a cable modem
I have 3 coax cables
a 3 way spliter

I have tried every configuration of stringing these coax cables I can
Its so confusing. I guess I have book smarts but not common sense as my
year old will say; lol

Can anyone give me step by step instructions for setting this up.

I also have a wireless router which I will have to hook up when I get my
laptop back but let leave that out for now. I dont think I can think
that right now.
I have spent hours working on this. By the way I had another problem with
the "Center" tutorial interrupting other programs. I just could not make
go away and could not find anyone on the net that had the same problem.
had never heard of it either. However, I just want to say their Support
System is Fantastic. They called me back last night. Can you believe