Re: XP MCE and XBOX 360 Protected Content Issues

Sorry not quite Fixed!!
(update: Only Partially !!FIXED!!)

I tried the #2 suggestion in the following link :

After installing the April 2006 Update Rollup I rebooted.. Then I
deinstalled Media Center Extender and Media Center Connect from the MCE
through Control Panel. Then I rebooted MCE again. I went to the 360 and
disconneted from Windows Media Center and Windows-based PC setting, and redid
the 360 MCE installation including new key code. etc.

This procedure added a few premium channels that play now thru the Extender,
but not all of them do. There is still a problem with over half of them, same
message about protected content not able to play thru the 360, but plays find
on the MCE itself... Sorry for the false report!!

You know the truth when you hear it.

"grcsomd" wrote:


The April 2006 Rollup mentioned @
worked for me. I installed it, rebooted, then uninstalled the Center
Extender and Media Center Connect... Disconnected my MCE computer from the
360 profiles for Media Center and Computer and basically reinstalled fresh
from the 360 perpective..
Now I am able to watch premium content thru the 360 extender just fine.

You know the truth when you hear it.

"grcsomd" wrote:

I tried the hotfix outlined below but it did not help. I think that hotfix
would address the issue if I had local MCE issues playing protected content.
I don't have any problems locally with protected content on the MCE.. only
with the 360 as an extender. All content aside from protected content plays
fine thru the 360. The strange part is that even *some* of the premium
channels will play thru the 360... but only a handful of the lineup.. (SHO
for example) Within Windows Media Connect, and selecting the 360, and show
properties, under DRM it says plainly "Cannot play protected Windows Media
files" My understanding is that this should say "Can play protected Windows
Media files" and then things should work "right".. Then again, this could be
working (or in my case not) as designed..
You know the truth when you hear it.

"Jason Tsang" wrote:

Try running this hotfix to see if it helps.

FIX: Windows Media Digital Rights Manager protected files may not correctly
play back on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based computers that have
Update Rollup 2 installed

Jason Tsang - Microsoft MVP

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"grcsomd" <grcsomd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am having problems with playing any Premium Content (TV) thru the 360
Interface. It all plays fine on the XP MCE platform, but only unprotected
content will play thru the 360. I have spent about three days trying to
figure out if this is a problem that can be fixed, or if this is a new
feature/design. I have called XBOX and Windows XP support and am
left with no solution. I have even called my Cable provider. Nobody has

I have Dell XPS 600, Happagauge 150MCE and all the latest Windows Updates.
am running WMP 10. I understand there was a similar issue with the
XBOX and the first extenders that came out.. and an update came out. If
anybody else has struggled with this and found a solution, please share