Re: DvcConn.log

Thanks Todd,

I just sent the email with the two files attached. Here is the output from
the netsh session:

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>netsh
netsh winsock>show helper
Helper GUID DLL Filename Command
-------------------------------------- ------------ -------
{00770721-44EA-11D5-93BA-00B0D022DD1F} HNETMON.DLL bridge
{CC41B21B-8040-4BB0-AC2A-820623160940} DGNET.DLL diag
{8B3A0D7F-1F30-4402-B753-C4B2C7607C97} FWCFG.DLL firewall
{0705ECA1-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IFMON.DLL interface
{89D00931-1E00-11D3-8738-00600837C775} IFMON.DLL ip
{05BB0FE9-8D89-48DE-B7BB-9F138B2E950C} IPV6MON.DLL ipv6
{F1EFA7E5-7169-4EC0-A63A-9B22A743E19C} IPV6MON.DLL 6to4
{F1EFA7E5-7169-4EC0-A63A-9B22A743E19C} IPV6MON.DLL isatap
{86A3A33F-4D51-47FF-B24C-8E9B13CEB3A2} IPV6MON.DLL portproxy
{0705ECA2-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} RASMONTR.DLL ras
{42E3CC21-098C-11D3-8C4D-00104BCA495B} RASMONTR.DLL aaaa
{E0C5D007-D34C-11D2-9B76-00104BCA495B} RASMONTR.DLL appletalk
{13D12A78-D0FB-11D2-9B76-00104BCA495B} RASMONTR.DLL ip
{6FB90155-D324-11D2-9B76-00104BCA495B} RASMONTR.DLL ipx
{69F21BC3-D349-11D2-9B76-00104BCA495B} RASMONTR.DLL netbeui
{65EC23C0-D1B9-11D2-89E4-006008B0E5B9} IPMONTR.DLL routing
{0705ECA0-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPMONTR.DLL ip
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL autodhcp
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL dnsproxy
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL igmp
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL nat
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL ospf
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL relay
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL rip
{0705ECA3-7AAC-11D2-89DC-006008B0E5B9} IPPROMON.DLL routerdiscovery
{B1641451-84B8-11D2-B940-3078302C2030} IPXMONTR.DLL ipx
{D3FCBA3A-A4E9-11D2-B944-00C04FC2AB1C} IPXPROMN.DLL netbios
{D3FCBA3A-A4E9-11D2-B944-00C04FC2AB1C} IPXPROMN.DLL rip
{D3FCBA3A-A4E9-11D2-B944-00C04FC2AB1C} IPXPROMN.DLL sap
{B2C0EEF4-CCE5-4F55-934E-ABF60F3DCF56} IFMON.DLL winsock

Thanks again,

"Todd Bowra [MSFT]" wrote:

Two things:
1) Would you be willing to run winmsd, select File > Export, then e-mail the
resulting file to msft_mcx at hotmail? I'd like to see if there are any
residual processes, etc. hanging around.
2) Could you grab a NetCap trace while you are trying to add your Extender
(instructions below) and e-mail that file as well?
3) Please open a command window, run "netsh" <enter>, "winsock" <enter>,
"show helper" <enter>, then paste the output here

NETCAP instructions

1) Install the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools from the following
2) Once installed, open a cmd window and change active directory to the
Support Tools directory
3) Start the network capture using "netcap.exe". The /n: parameter specifies
which network interface should be monitored. To discover the network
interfaces on your machine type "netcap /?" The interfaces will be listed at
the end to the executables help details.
.. Example: C:\Program Files\ Support Tools>netcap /n:1
4) Conduct the steps to repro the problem you are seeing. Once complete
return back to the command window and hit the space bar.
5) Send the file created

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