RE: Screen lockups = Dual Core issue?

I have the issue as well. video freezes, audio stops. But it is highly
intermittent. My media center will be fine for hours, then suddenly will
have this failure.

I can use the keyboard start button and arrows and return key to log off,
and I hear the Windows logoff sound, even the mouse pointer turns into a
finger-point where the user name should be and I can click on where the user
name should be and get logged back in again, through all of this the video
will still be the frozen frame of the show that was being played.

USUALLY though the system will freeze playback, audio will stop, and within
5 seconds the screen will shut off as if going to power-save. Pressing
keyboard keys or moving the mouse, the screen will cycle to power-on and then
off again, but the display will stay black the whole time. On this occasion
there are rare moments where I can get the desktop back and run Task Manager,
by messing with Alt-F4, Alt-Tab, and trying to run Task Manager by using the
keyboard commands to bring up the Run dialog box, not necessarily in that
order :-/ . RunDLL32 CPU usage is through the roof. I can kill the ehshell
process but when I try to restart Media Center by using the shortcut I'm told
the display drivers are not compatible? I am forced to reboot, interrupting
any current recordings.

The only SURE way I have of recovering from this without a hard reset is
going to another PC, starting a remote desktop session to my media center,
and using Task Manager to log off the console user. This usually takes
forever to log in remotely due to the high CPU usage. Once the remote
session starts, the console session is returned to the Welcome screen. I log
off the user using Task Manager on the remote session, then close the remote
session and go back to the console of my Media Center and log in again.

None of these issues are accompanied by any, not ANY, events in the event
logs. Also when this happens, any recordings that are occuring will stutter,
I assume due to the limited CPU availability. Sometimes the recordings will
have stopped entirely and will start recording again in a new file.

But I've tried re-running DX9.0c setup, I've disabled nVidia Display Driver
Service, I've tried old and new drivers for the tuner cards, I've tried two
different decoders. I've uninstalled Rollup2 and the update to Rollup 2 (in
reverse order of course). I've replaced the video card Nothing seems to

Once, I blew it all away and reinstalled from scratch, using all latest
drivers for everything, this didn't make it go away. Last week I blew it
all away and reinstalled from scratch, got all the updates from Windows
Update, but used ORIGINAL drivers that I got with the hardware, and still
have this problem.

I don't know how it started, whether it was due to an update of any kind or
not. I think my next test will be a base install without any updates from
Windows Update, and I will try one update every few days to try to pinpoint
it. I had started to think I developed a hardware problem until I read this
post, since I had not seen it reported anywhere else by anyone else.

I am using all hardware obtained at a Microsoft Build Party for Media Center
2005. with the exception of the chassis, PS, and I replaced the one stiick of
512MB from the party with a matched pair of 512MB, then added one additional
tuner. All of this was running MINT until a couple of months ago, and this
issue is quite frustrating.

The CPU is Athlon64, Hauppauge 150, Hauppauge 250

"David Leslie" wrote:

> HI,
> When I view either a recorded program or Live TV with MCE 2005, the video
> will lock after maybe 2 minutes. The audio alos stops. However, I am able to
> use WinTV2000 with out any issues.
> Someone mentioned that MCE might have a problem with a Dual Core system. Is
> that true?
> Here's my setup with drivers.
> AMD X2 +4400
> MSI® K8N NEO4 SLI Platinum Nvidia® NForce® 4 2xPCIe DDR 400/533
> -1GbNic+-SATAII RAID 0/1/0+1-1394- Creative Labs onboard 7.1 sound
> Soundcard Driver
> NiVidia 7800 GT Driver
> Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II (26XX) Driver
> Thanks for the help in advance.
> David