Re: 16:9 capability of MCE

From: Matt Bai (mattbai_at_u)
Date: 05/13/04

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 09:04:55 -0400

You'll have to get PowerStrip to use custom 16:9 resolutions. for the program. Have a look at
for a brieft tutorial about tuning the resolution and vid card timings for
HDTV setups.


"Jeff" <> wrote in message
> New to MCE. Love the features and capabilities but can't get it to
produce a 16:9 output to my projector or TV.
> Have a Boxlight/studio experience Matinee 2HD (native resolution 1280 x
720) and a toshiba 30HF83 TV which is 480p, 540p or 1080i capable. ATI
radeon 9600xt video card.
> autodetect on computer and projector give 1024 x 768, 60 Hz refresh as the
max supported resolution. Force resolutions gives me options of 1280 x 768
(fits vertically but have to scroll to see the lateral portions of the
screen) but no 1280 x 720 (the native resolution of my projector).
> Thanks in advance for any possible answers.
> Jeff

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