Re: How to receive reply message when receiver opens the email?

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The following from Outlook Express Help.........

To be notified when your outgoing messages are received

You can set up Outlook Express to receive a receipt for e-mail you send.
receipt is sent when the message recipient has displayed your message.
is useful when you are sending time-critical information, or any time you
want confirmation that your message has been received.

To request a read receipt for individual messages, click the Tools menu in
the new message window, and then click Request Read Receipt.

To request a read receipt for all messages, click the Tools menu, click
Options, and then click the Receipts tab. Select the Request a read
for all sent messages check box.

Message recipients can choose not to send read receipts, even when they
requested. If you do not want to send receipts, click the Tools menu, and
then click Options. On the Receipts tab, select the Returning Read
option you want.

"Eric" <Eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

| Does anyone have any suggestions on how to receive reply message
| automatically when the receiver opens the email I sent? How to set this
| option in Outlook Express? so whenever I send email to someone, they
| send me back a received message by opening the email.
| Thanks in advance for any suggestions
| Eric