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I have a laptop that I am retiring. I want to move my Outlook
identities and emails to a new laptop which is running Vista

Can someone tell me how to do this and where are the emails located
the old laptop.
OEQB can be used to copy (restore) mail and all settings to a new
I know because I just did it myself and it was quite painless using

And did you use the backup you created to transfer the data into Windows
Mail in Vista???

No not Vista.

Well, OP was asking about Vista.

...Are you saying that OEQB cannot transfer mail and settings to

See the section "Importing from Outlook Express" here and draw your own

(No, OE data cannot be imported into Windows Mail without first jumping
through several hoops.)
I was unable to draw a conclusion by reading that page. Since I don't use
Vista and thankfully never will it's not my problem.

Then why did you recommend OE-QB to the OP here?

This page:
does list a program called OEX which claims to be able to import and export
messages from DBX or EML files. It also says: "WORKS IN WINDOWS MAIL IN
VISTA!" Draw your own conclusions.

The fact that OE-QB can be used to back-up Windows Mail data does not mean that OE data backed-up using OE-QB can be imported directly into Windows Mail.

Never assume. Do the research.
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