Re: Not Responding


It seems, after several successful re-boots and OE startups, that
emptying and compacting the default OE folders has in fact cleared
up the problem with OE "freezing" when Send/Recv attempts to run.

I thought too that the fix for OE "freezing" might also clear up the
"OE did not shut down properly" message I get on most, if not all,
morning startups of OE. Have you seen that problem occur where
OE is closed regularly using the normal "X" close method?


"Bruce Hagen" <Nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
There are a number of possibilities, so I think it's best to start with
the easiest.

Move all mail out of any default OE folder to user created folders.

Follow up by compacting.

Click on Outlook Express at the top of the folder tree so no folders are
open. Then: File | Work Offline (or double click Working Online in the
Status Bar). File | Folder | Compact all folders. Don't touch anything
until the compacting is completed.

Turn off e-mail scanning in your anti-virus program. It is a redundant
layer of protection that eats up CPUs and causes a multitude of problems
such as time-outs and account setting changes. Your up-to-date A/V program
will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more, see:

If still no joy, you may have a damaged identity especially if it is the
default Main Identity. File | Identity | Add New Identity. Create a new
one and test it. If all is well, you can import your messages and Address
Book from the old identity and delete it.

How to Create and Use Identities in Outlook Express

Do the above, reboot, and then let us know if it helped.
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP Outlook Express
Imperial Beach, CA

"Bill" <billstanton@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just within the past week or so, OE freezes
following the morning's boot "if" I click on
"Send/Recv". Other functions "Newsgroups",
folder and message views function normally,
but as soon as I click on "Send/Recv" OE
"hour-glasses" and I have to cancel with the
Task Manager.

There are no error messages nor do I get the
opportunity to log the condition with MS.

The problem clears up if I re-boot the

I've been using OE for at least 10 years or
more without any difficulties. I don't see
anything in recent MS updates pertaining to
OE, so I can't tell if any recent MS updates
are to blame or not.

Any suggestions?