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IRRC, that could only happen if Sam sent a legit e-mail, and then the other addresses would be added without his knowledge. I don't think in the case you describe that messages would be sent from his PC without him initiating an e-mail to at least one person. Do you concur with this?

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Sam, Bruce,

Are you absolutely sure that the mail is not actually orig-
inating from Sam's computer. I'm sure you remember a
number of years back when a virus program infected
systems and simply used those systems as the email host.

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Thanks again Bruce. I just want to make sure i'm clear, All the emails i'm
getting are showing me as the sender not the recip. The only reason i'm
seeing them is because they have been returned to me as undeliverable. I'm
being shown as the sender on all of them. Thanks.

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.

Your personal info and other things in your PC is safe. A spammer just got a
hold of your e-mail address and is using it in the To field to send out
spam, and most likely putting the other addresses in the BCC field.

Make sure your AV & Firewall stays up-to-date and you need not worry about
your own security.

Aside from changing your address, the only other option in OE would be to
use a message rule. I still think it will probably stop shortly, but if you
want to use rules in the meantime:

How to set up OE Message Rules:

Some Message Rule Ideas:

Some tips:

Controlling Junk Mail in Outlook Express:

Message Rules not working?:
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP Outlook Express

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> Thanks Bruce, it,s been about a month now. Sorry, but I don't know > what
> is in your reply. Do I need to worry that someone is accessing any
> personal
> info in my pc by doing this? Thanks
> -- > sam
> "Bruce Hagen" wrote:
>> These are most likely coming from a virus infected computer using >> your
>> e-mail address to spoof the From field. If you can put up with it for
>> now,
>> they usually stop after a few weeks.
>> Changing your e-mail address /will/ correct this problem, but IMHO, I
>> would
>> just wait awhile and see if it stops.
>> -- >> Bruce Hagen
>> MS-MVP Outlook Express
>> ~IB-CA~
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>> >I use Outlook Express 6 and run MacAfee Anti Virus. Recently when I >> >go
>> >into
>> > my email there will be 50-60 returned emails, returned by spam >> > blockers
>> > or
>> > invalid email addresses. The problem is I did not send any of these
>> > emails
>> > but they all show comming from my email address. I have run MacAfee
>> > numerous
>> > times but it always comes back no virus or spyware found. I changed >> > my
>> > email
>> > password, no help. I was going to change my email address but my >> > isp
>> > provider
>> > said it wont help, there is probably a virus in my pc. Any ideas >> > how I
>> > can
>> > fix this? I'm into the hundreds of emails that have been sent using >> > my
>> > address..Thanks.
>> > -- >> > sam