Re: Help for Low Vision

Ah! You /may/ need a patch, but definitely a registry edit. Download the patch at the first link. Then go to the third link and download the ZIP file that will fix the registry. If it says the patch is already on your machine, then just go straight to the third link.

Patch KB918766:

This patch addresses some of the issues that were caused by KB911567.

Address Book problems.
Unsent templates appearing as sent.
Manually compacting will now reset the registry counter to Zero in WinXP/SP2 and also sends a copy of your dbx files to the recycle bin as a temporary backup.

To complete the fix for .eml templates, a registry change is needed. See:

Tom Koch also has this information at his site, along with a downloadable Zip file to do the registry change for you. See:
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP Outlook Express

"E/B" <embillma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:esWawymYHHA.4772@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks but ....
That is the approach I had taken before asking for help. The New Message
form that I save to the Desktop does not appear as that form when the
desktop icon is clicked.
What is displayed is a message form which is set for Reply, Reply All or
Forward and shows the date/time I created the .eml file. This requires
clicking Forward because the form is presented as an 'Original Message'.
Where have I gone wrong?

Bruce Hagen wrote:
Open a new message window. Select the font size you want and if
there are any standard salutations you wish, type them in. Now:
File | Save As and save to the Desktop as an .eml file. An Icon
will be created on the Desktop that, if you wish, can be dragged
to the Quick Launch Toolbar so it is always available.

Regardless of what program you are in, click on this Icon and a
new message window will open up, ready to fill out and send.

For some other options for text size:

Right click on the Desktop | Properties | Appearance. If there is
an Advanced button click that. In the Item drop-down box select
Icon. You can make the font size for the folder tree and other
places larger there. (Note what it is set for now in case you wish
to return to the way it was).

Also, see in the Control Panel | Accessibility Options. You may
find some settings there helpful. Again, remember where you
started in case you wish to return to the way it was.
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP Outlook Express

Note that this will change the font size in some other places as

"E/B" <embillma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Wife has dry macular degeneration and is 'legally blind' with
20/400 (non-correctible) in both eyes. Seeking means to make a
'usable/active' OE New Message form available for her in Desktop
with access as a single click.

Have opened/saved New Message form in Desktop however when
accessed it takes multiple steps to set up for use as an outgoing
email; it and another try are too complicated by number of
actions required.

Lack of tech expertise has me stumped. Are there any 'simple'
means to accomplish goal? (Keyboard has E-mail button but it
opens OE Inbox as does button on Logitech laser mouse).

Appreciate all help to keep her actively participating and easing
loss of independence/capability.