Re: Can't create mail or open address book

Download this patch also. It is due to come out as part of a Cumulative Patch in the future, but it is available now and may help you out.

Patch KB918766:

This patch addresses some of the issues that were caused by KB911567.

Address Book problems.
Unsent templates appearing as sent.
Manually compacting will now reset the registry counter to Zero in WinXP/SP2 and also sends a copy of your dbx files to the recycle bin as a temporary backup.

To complete the fix for .eml templates, a registry change is needed. See:

Tom Koch also has this information at his site, along with a downloadable Zip file to do the registry change for you. See:
Bruce Hagen
MS-MVP Outlook Express

"Craig" <Craig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3EA599A7-38E9-4883-BADB-54C8F0012899@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello again - turns out I had already re-installed the patch: update site had
nothing new for me. As I mentioned in previous post, I do keep update set to
"notify", and install all updates as they are offered.

File versions are as follows:

MSOE.DLL: 6.00.2900.2869(xpsp2_sp2_gdr.060316.1512

INETCOMM.DLL: 6.00.2900.2962(~gdr.060727.0051)

DIRECTB.DLL: 6.00.2900.2180(~rtm.040803.2158)

Still no function of OE or address book. I'm using Outlook for email now,
and I assume it would not be wise to import mail or addresses from OE. :)

thanks, Craig

"PA Bear" wrote:

You're running outdated and much less-secure versions of OE, IE and WinXP
SP2. Check in at Windows Update /immediately/ and install all critical
updates offered. Follow all prompts.

Now make sure Automatic Updates is enabled:

Description of the Automatic Updates feature in Windows:

How to configure and use Automatic Updates in WinXP:

Let me know how things are after taking care of all the above.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE, OE, Security, Shell/User)

Craig wrote:
> Hi - All three files are:
> 6.00.2900.2180(xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)
> "PA Bear" wrote:
>> OE Help > About > Files: What versions of MSOE.DLL, INETCOMM.DLL and
>> DIRECTDB.DLL are listed here, Craig?
>> --
>> ~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
>> MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE, Security, Shell/User)
>> Craig wrote:
>>> By the way, I have also tried the solution suggested by Pa Bear, re:
>>> registry DWORD useoutlook - I don't have that value in my registry
>>> "Craig" wrote:
>>>> XP Media Centre 2005; HP Pavilion: In a matter of a few minutes >>>> today,
>>>> my
>>>> address book and contacts list in OE 6 emptied themselves and now I
>>>> cannot
>>>> open the Address Book (AB): "may not be installed properly." At >>>> first,
>>>> AB
>>>> would open, but it was empty, then it would not open at all. >>>> Similarly,
>>>> my
>>>> contacts were listed, but then they were gone.
>>>> Also - OE receives mail, but I cannot open messages, nor can I >>>> create
>>>> new
>>>> messages. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling OE, as well as >>>> the
>>>> procedure in KB article 917288, but problem still not resolved. I >>>> have
>>>> had
>>>> the same address book for several years, moving it from one computer >>>> to
>>>> the
>>>> next. Anyone have any ideas?


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