Re: Getting e-mails from ISP's web mailbox to OE

AVG doesn't do anything about Spam, it is just an anti-virus program that works just fine.

You would go into the Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, and remove McAfee VirusScan. The firewall should be separate and that you can leave.

AVG is an excellent A/V program, but you'll have to look elsewhere for a Spam program. (If you don't post your real address on unsecure websites, and especially newsgroups, you wouldn't get Spam.

I have had my current address for a year and get no Spam and have no rules. Notice my munged address.
Bruce Hagen

"Mac Man" <rimamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:2979CF35-6D78-43D3-A7E8-4611BCA7BD56@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Do I disable to whole suite, or just one part and if so, which one. Also, if
I disable McAfee, will I have the same level of protection with AVG that I do
now. This problem only seems to have come up lately. If I do disable "M"
since I am using its Firewall Plus protection, should I then revert back to
the Windows installed firewall protection. I guess I am just a little
apprehensive about disabling McAfee. Just what is AVG, and what exactly does
it do. Thanks for all the help.
His Servant

"Bruce Hagen" wrote:

I have a feeling that McAfee is causing the problem. I had it once only
because my computer came with a trial period. It kept changing the settings.
I dumped McAfee and use AVG (free).

Norton (and McAfee) products are not Outlook Express friendly, and I don't
know of any OE-MVP that would recommend using them. Let's see what someone
else has to offer.

If you would like to try AVG, download it here:

When prompted, choose Custom Installation and *uncheck* e-mail scanning when
you see the option.

You can Keep McAfee for now, just disable it. You have nothing to lose since
this program is free.
Bruce Hagen

"Mac Man" <rimamac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> No, I have the McAfee Security Suite which includes anti-spam.
> -- > His Servant
> "Bruce Hagen" wrote:
>> Do you have an Anti-Spam program? Norton NIS?
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>> > Bruce, this is a second reply to your response. I went back into my
>> > anti-virus program and discovered that e-mail scanning is already
>> > disabled.
>> > If that's the case is there another solution?
>> > -- >> > His Servant
>> >
>> >
>> > "Mac Man" wrote:
>> >
>> >> Lately, but not on a regular basis, I have been experiencing >> >> e-mails
>> >> hung
>> >> up
>> >> in the web mailbox of my ISP, not having been moved on the my >> >> regular
>> >> OE
>> >> e-mail file (f that's the correct term). A while ago I contacted >> >> my
>> >> ISP
>> >> and,
>> >> after a virus check, he walked me thru re-setting all my settings
>> >> under
>> >> Tools/Accounts. That did the trick once I clicked on Send/Receive.
>> >> The
>> >> e-mails then came thru. Problem is since then it has happened >> >> several
>> >> times.
>> >> I then followed the same procedure and was able to get the e-mails
>> >> moved
>> >> over. Why is this happening in the first place? Need an answer!
>> >> -- >> >> His Servant