Re: Page cannot be diplayed

Check C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc for a file named HOSTS with no
extension. (Not Hosts.sam)
Make sure Windows is set to show hidden files and folders and is NOT set to
hide extensions for known file types.
If HOSTS exists, rename it to HOSTS.OLD
Reboot an try again.

Or, In a Cmd window, enter
ipconfig /flushdns
then clear your TIF also, and re-boot.

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"news.xtra" <jdekker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Running xp pro and latest updates I find that while nearly the whole web
> is available to me, quite a few pages on my providers site bring up the
> Page cannot be displayed message. Logging on with another computer using
> win98 resolves the problem so it is on my machine. Obviously have tried
> nearly everything including reinstall of SP2.
> Any ideas.
> Help appreciated.
> Regards,
> John.