Re: Internet Log Files

From: PA Bear (
Date: 10/17/04

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 15:58:03 -0400

> I'm wondering if that is related to Zone Alarm

Do ya think?

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Fred wrote:
> What ho, space travelers!
> Please post or send me an email if you have any idea what information the
> files in c:/windows.000/internet logs/ contain. I am using Windows 98SE.
> When I open them, I can see that they contain internet assigned numbers,
> like (Level 3 Communications). But what the heck do they tell
> you? I don't recognize any of the websites or companies when I look the
> numbers up at
> I uploaded these screen captures...
> Screen capture of files in c:\windows.000\internet logs\:
> Screen capture of part of xDBB040.TMP:
> Screen capture of part of zalog2004.06.08.txt:
> ... here...
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> Fred