Re: OE6 - can't send emails with attachments

From: Jim Pickering (jimp_at_mvps.invalid)
Date: 06/10/04

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 19:50:11 -0700

Tried increasing the timeout slider under Tools/Accounts, Mail for the
account involved? Look on the Advanced tab/Server section for the option.

Jim Pickering, MVP-Outlook Express
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"Matt Beaton" <> wrote in message 
>I have a client with the exact same issue.  They are
> running a small office of mixed XP/2K boxes, behind a NAT
> router - but no specific port blocking or forwarding on
> the firewall.
> Only one machine has this problem - and I will probably
> end up doing a complete reinstallation of it to correct
> it, but I would certainly be interested in the solution
> anyways.
> The symptom I have is that it will send small
> attachments, and emails without attachments fine -
> although if I try to send a somewhat large attachment
> (1MB or so) - it will hang about 4 or 5 seconds into the
> upload, then display the timeout message a minute later.
> Sometimes it will go for 7 or 8 seconds before it quits,
> sometimes it will send successfully.  The smaller the
> file, the more successful it tends to be.
> After enough attempts, it will eventually send - but
> never consistantly.  The client needs to send attachments
> quickly - so simply setting the timeout low and having it
> try every minute to send won't work here.
> I have tried all the KB articles pertaining to this (incl
> the MTU settings, etc.) - all the updates are installed,
> I have tried reinstalling Outlook Express by manually
> changing the IsInstalled registry key and overwriting the
> existing copy.
> I downloaded Eudora as a test, and it will consistantly
> send large attachments no problem - so it is definately
> an Outlook Express problem.  My guess is something is
> corrupted that is not replaced by a reinstall of OE.
> Thanks,
> Matt Beaton
> Community Networks Inc
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Dear all,
>>Would really appreciate your help, as I currently can't
> send emails
>>with attachments from OE6.........
>>1. I can receive all emails via POP3 and send emails
> without
>>attachments via SMTP with no problems, even behind
> hardware firewall
>>integrated into DSL router and with Norton Anti-Virus
> 2002 activated
>>for scanning incoming emails and script blocking enabled
> (this has
>>been my default setup up to now)
>>2. However when attempting to send an email with
> attachments the
>>progress bar of the OE6 dialog box for monitoring
> sending/receiving
>>shows a couple of bars for the email with attachments,
> then appears to
>>hang and then after a while the following (infamous)
> error message
>>appears. "Your server unexpectedly terminated the
> connection. .......
>>Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): No,  Socket
> Error. 10053
>>Number 0x800CCC0F".
>>3. The following didn't help (ideas I got from Symantec
> and Microsoft
>>KB articles):
>>3a. Turning off Norton Anti-Virus (scanning outgoing
> emails had always
>>been disabled anyway so I didn't really expect this to
> help)
>>3b. Turning off router firewall function (again seeing
> as I can send
>>emails with no attachments then I figured port 25 was
> passing through
>>3c. Increasing the server timeout to the max of 5 mins
> in OE6 Tools /
>>Accounts / Email / <My account> / Properties / Advanced
>>3d. Trying to send via a different email account from
> OE6 (again since
>>sending emails without attachments works fine I figured
> that the the
>>account settings couldn't be the problem, but gave it a
> try anyway in
>>my desperation........)
>>4. Lastly when searching the internet I found lots of
> advice on what
>>to do if there is this problem continually or
> intermittently, but
>>nothing referring to the ability to send emails without
> attachments,
>>but getting this problem consistently with attachments.
>>I am at the end of my knowledge, so any thoughts / help
> would be
>>gratefully received !!
>>Many thanks in advance,
>>Niall Keppie

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