Re: Internet explorer not allowing me to enter my secure sites

From: Arjun (arjundayal_at_[nospam)
Date: 02/14/04

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 01:19:56 +0530

Hi there domenick,

Troubleshoot Situations Where You Cannot Complete MSN Sign-
up pr Connect to SSL Secured (128-Bit) Web Sites by Using
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Repair Loss of Internet Access/Certain Web Sites (155)


"domenick" <> wrote in message
> I have been in contact with the webb specialist at the
> secure site, Cox cable and Dell support. I am using xp
> home on my wife's Dell computer. The problem started when
> I downloaded Microsoft security computer patches to two
> computers linked together by a router. One computer with
> NT 2000 works fine, the one with XP will not let me enter
> secure sites. I can travel all over the internet but can
> not acess my secure sites.
> The Dell support guy working out of India went inside my
> operating system and reprogramed it, but could not get it
> to acess the sites I wanted to go into.
> Any body experience this type problem.
> Domenick