Internet Explorer Script Error

Whenever The Weather Channel Desktop attempts to open, I get an Internet
Explorer Script Error which states:

An error has ocurred in the script on this page.
Line: 17446
Character: 29
Undetermined String Constant
Error: Object Expected
Do you wish to continue running script on this page? (or something like

When I click on Yes or No, I get the same error message over and over about
6 times. Then it stops. Then after about 15-20 seconds, it appears again over
and over and this process just keeps repeating itself until I Exit the
Weather Channel from the notification area.
In IE under Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab, Disable Script Debugging is
already checked, also for Internet Explorer. "Display a notification for
every script error" is unchecked. Still have same problem!
I ran Ad-Aware and Super AntiSpyware, as well as AVG Anti-Virus, and still
having same problem.
I attempted to reinstall Weather Channel Desktop, and after reinstall, SAME
I uninstalled Weather Channel Desktop, and reinstalled cold, and still have
same problem!
I have IE 6 and Windows XP.
Holy moly, what is going on here??
How do I rectify this problem? It's annoying.


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