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It is confusing I know, maybe this will explain correct & incorrect?

In IE 6: Tools > Internet Options > General > Address
Shown is:
Regardless, when I open Internet Explorer I get this "default" web page:
The AT&T Internet Service PROVIDER Home Page has changed.
The new URL is
Please update your Internet Browser Home Page immediately.
Click the link below to reset your home page to
The home page setting will be automatically reset
BUT I can not make this change because when I open IE
Automatically opens the same web page:

And The - IE: Tools > Internet Options > General > Address
has reverted back to: NOT

Notice from AT&T states I must change to: = CORRECT
But IE defaults back to the now inoperative = NOT CORRECT
I can not access the Internet it is locked out by this (WEB PAGE NOTICE) from

Reads like a cookie problem. Most pages that let you customize their site store the information in a cookie. If you are not allowing cookies or are deleting them later then your customizations will always be lost.

Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM
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