Re: Saving Files - wrong extension

See this article for possible help:

Handling MIME Types in Internet Explorer


Jon R. Kennedy MS MVP/IE
Charlotte, NC USA

"A Lake" <ALake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm running XP SP2 clients in 2003 domain. Our intranet hosts a collection
files access using hyperlinks so users can 'Save Target As..' and save a
in their work area.

This works fine apart from certain file extensions (for third party
software) such as .plf and .pwx - here, the Save As dialog box forces the
save type to XML Document.

These files do contain XML, but I want IE to save them with the extension
they already have - but this isn't available and the users would have to
manually type this in which isn't practical.

I've disabled the MIME Sniffing ability of IE in the machines group
but this has had no effect - is there somewhere else I can change this