Re: Address Bar not working


I feel for you; this was a BIG problem for me, and I'm still not sure how it
finally resolved itself. It started for me when I had to replace a mother
board and power supply, then reinstall Windows XP-Pro in the "repair" mode;
that is, not a clean install, but not having to reinstall all the other
programs, etc. either. Everything was fine, including IE6 that automatically
installed from the Windows disk. But of course I wanted to upgrade to IE7,
since I had been using it before my crash.

So I downloaded the IE7 upgrade and that's when the troubles began. It
would open, but any URL typed into the address bar would cause multiple
openings of IE7 until the taksbar was overflowing. These would have to be
cleared using Task Manager, and using it faster than a new IE7 would appear.

Uninstalling IE7 to drop back to IE6 did not help... same thing. That's
when I started asking for help. But nothing definitive ever worked, so I
just kept playing with it.

The Search feature would bring up Google okay, and clicking-through on a
link would sometimes work. So I was able to get to the Windows Update site
that way and download a whole bunch of updates (remember, this was a Windows
reinstall), including IE7. This time when IE7 installed, everything worked
just fine.

Sorry, I have no idea of what fixed the problem, and at one point I was read
to install Firefox, just to see if I could get reliable Web browsing and hope
for more help.

Best of luck, and do let us know if you solve this in a scientific manner.
Things that 'fix themselves' are always a worry.

"Lee Lord" wrote:

I have the same problem. Anyone with a solution please post here. Thanks!

Don Varnau wrote:

It's not likely that MS06-015 / KB908531 is causing this problem. That
episode occurred nearly a year ago.

XP assumed, but which version of Windows?
If XP- is it XP SP2?
What's the version of Internet Explorer in IE> Help> About? Example:


"Jim Wood" <JimWood[at]> wrote in message

I have this same problem, but can't associate it with the HP software. As
far as I can tell, this HP isn't running (per Task Mgr.). I have run the
script (from another MVP site) that modifies the Registry exactly per your
instructions to do it manually. Also, this is a new (re)installation on
Windows and KB908531 isn't on this machine. Still I cannot type into the
address bar, but links or abbreviated address entered with
goes to the site. Many services that work through IE fail (some Win
updates). Very frustrating. Any other hints?

[On April 14, 2006]

"Don Varnau" wrote:

If this problem appeared after updates from Microsoft were installed
couple of days) see this information from Stephen Hui [MSFT]

We've determined that the majority of the issues people are having with
MS06-015 / KB908531 are due to a bad interaction between the security
and a software component included with various HP hardware devices,
including but not limited to printers, scanners, and cameras.

Here are two fixes which should fix problems caused by the interaction
the HP software:


Option 1 - Modify the registry

- (If you have multiple user accounts set up) Log onto the computer
using an
account with Administrator privileges

- Click the Start button, then click Run and type "regedit" at the
without the quotes; this will start Registry Editor

- Locate the
Extensions\Cached key in Registry Editor

- Right click on the key and select New / DWORD Value

- Rename the resulting value "{A4DF5659-0801-4A60-9607-1C48695EFDA9}
{000214E6-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 0x401", without the quotes

- Right click the value, select Modify, and type "1" into the Value Data

- Close Registry Editor


Option 2 - Kill the HP process

- Wait until Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, or whichever component
encountering problems is in an unresponsive state

- Click the Start button, then select Run and type "taskmgr" at the
without the quotes; this will start Task Manager

- Locate any instances of hpgs2wnd.exe or hpgs2wnf.exe in Task Manager,
right click on them and select End Process

(Note: Option 2 this may disable some HP device-specific functionality
you restart your computer.)

If your computer is not currently unresponsive, you should only have to
Option 1 or Option 2, not both. If your computer is currently
you should be fixed by doing Option 2.

I'm very sorry about the inconvenience this has caused you all;
this will get things back on track. Please note that MS06-015 fixes a
critical security vulnerability, so it's very important that you
it as soon as possible if you've uninstalled it. Please also keep in
that disabling Auto Update will leave your computer unprotected even
we release security updates. I understand that this experience has been
very frustrating for many of you, but I really must still strongly
that you leave Auto Update enabled for your own safety.

Last but not least -- if anyone encounters similar problems after
both options above, please post about it here so that we can continue to
- - - - -
For the removal option look for another discussion also named "Address
Not Working" (April 14) you will be giving up the enhanced security
by this update.

"JoeS" <JoeS[at]> wrote in message
Hi. I'm running IE 6.0 SP2 and as of this morning I can't link to any
sites I type in the address bar.
When I start IE, my home page comes up and I can browse by clicking on
different links, but when I type a URL in the address bar and click
nothing happens.