RE: Popups in IE6

"Head Hunter" wrote:

A friend of mine has a wierd problem, He will connect tothe internet (IE6 or
Firefox, doesn't matter how). After 2 minutes, he gets 6 popup windows. He
has a modified hosts file so the windows are blank, but they popup anyway.
If he leaves the computer alone and, 2 minutes later, he gets another 6
windows. He has a popup blocker program installed, and Firefox is setup to
block popups. Doesn't help. He can even close the browser completely, and
he will still get popups. His Win2000 and IE are up to date, and he is
running McAfee anti-virus and anti-spyware up to date, and they have shown no

Also, when this happens, if he has Task Manager open, he will see iexplorer
popup 6 times, as the popup windows open, then the program disappears from
Task Manager, even though the windows are still open. Whether he closes them
or not, 2 minutes later, he gets 6 more windows. If he starts closing them,
the second or third time they popup, all of a sudden explorer.exe in Task
Manager jumps to 100% resources, and his computer basically locks up.

Any ideas? This is driving him nuts. As I said, his anti-virus and
anti-spyware say nothing is wrong. Thanks in advance.
Computers are not intelligent. They just think they are.

It doesn't mean he/she runing Av and Anti-spyware up2date he will not be
infected by spyware and Viruses, he may not configure hsi/Her Av,
Anti-spyware to High security level to protect His/Her System.
Bottom line tell Him/Her to scan from another vendor to be sure all clear
then Run the HijackThis File and post the Log to one of many forums for
Plug-ins and Add-Ons acas the ear/spy for websites to plague the infected
machine with po-ups and malwares so the user can give up and do what this
malwares/viruses wanted to do or steal the |Infon on this machine for the
benfit of the Hijacker/spammers/websites.
The best is to scan your computer with online scanner from here:
And also for malwares from here: ; for Spybot S&D
For the HijackThis download and forums go here:
Download the Hijackthis and send the report to one of many
forums for analysis and troubleshooting:
When all else fails, HijackThis v1.99.1
( is the preferred tool to use.
It will help you to both identify and remove any hijackware/spyware. Post
your log to,,, or other appropriate
forums for expert analysis, not here.
Please let us know your findings as your feedback can help others.