Re: window xp sp2 IE - does not open word document in new IE windo

Rob thanks for your reply.

Yes, IE needs permission to open downloaded .doc file. But IE suppose to
open 'File Download' dialog box by asking 'Do you want to open or save this
file?' after downloading the .doc file. It's not asking anything, it simply
opens new browser for 2 seconds and closes with no error. This behavior is
only in XP SP2 IE.

It is not good idea to uncheck any default security settings. The 'Confirm
open after download' setting is turned on by default to help prevent the
spread of macro viruses.

This is strange behavior in XP SP2 IE. Any othere workarounds.

"Rob ^_^" wrote:

Cooee Timbuktu,

Depends upon a users file settings for this type of file (.doc). Windows
Explorer - Tools>Folder Settings - File Types tab - .doc file type -
Advanced button - Uncheck "Confirm open after download"

On my machine .doc file types open with winword and Internet shortcuts open
with Internet Explorer. Don't forget that also the javascript protocol is
executed within the context of your browser which will make a request to the
server at to download the .doc file, so execution occurs left
to right 1., opens a new instance of the browser which then
sends its request to the server, but the returned doc can't be opened and
rendered in the browser until it receives permission to open the downloaded
doc file. Check your security settings also. You probably have Prompt
enabled for downloads.

There are also settings for "Unsafe Files" (undocumented) which blocs the
downloading of certain file types, but .doc is not a type that is blocked by
IE by default.
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why below command doesnot work in windows xp sp2 IE 6.0 (no pop-up

Type this below command in IE address bar and see whether it opens new
window. It opens new window for 2 seconds and immediately closes with no
error. It happens to any word document. Below is the example to try:'','_blank');

This one works fine but not the above. why?'','_blank');