Re: IE acting like shift key being held down...

I experience this at home once or twice per year. If it were happening very
often, I'd replace the keyboard.


"El Guapo" <elimjohnson[at]> wrote in message

I appreciate the quick tip. It does work to hit the shift key once or
and it turns the "software" shift function off.

I am wondering though, is there a permanent fix to this as i am not in the
mood to deal with this issue anymore on the VERY regular basis that its
occuring. Does Microsoft have something that will take care of this? Not
everyone is having this problem, so why am I on multiple machines here at


"Don Varnau" wrote:
Modifier keys like Shift and Ctrl can get stuck (not physically- but in
software/electronic way) Sometimes this "sticking " will even persist
through restarts. Try tapping the key a few times.

"El Guapo" <elimjohnson[at]> wrote in message
On a couple different machines here at work and one at home, Internet
explorer is randomly acting like the shift key is being held down when
not. So it will highlight the page and when you click links it will
them in a new window. Is there a fix for this?



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