Re: Images & Graphics

If you right-click an image, is there an option to "Show full quality" or
something similar? If so, you're running an accelerator program. These speed
up display of webpages at the expense of image quality. This accelerator is
probably a part of your ISP's software or it might be a separate program.
Find it and disable it. The Help pages at your ISP's website may provide
instructions for disabling or reconfiguring the accelerator.

Or, try a DPI setting of 96 (Control Panel> Display> Settings> Advanced>
General> DPI.)

If this is a Dell notebook see:

Hope this helps,

"Jeff T" <jefftreadway[at]> wrote in message
I have blurry and distorted pictures in my browser, this happened before
went away. For the past couple of days, it's back. I tried system restore,
did not solve problem. I downloaded new updates, did not solve problem.
going in tools, uncheck resize images, did not solve problem.
Any suggestion ?