Re: IE 6 takes forever to load

"Keith LeLievre" <KeithLeLievre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I am having a problem on a user's machine.
> First off, it's a Windows XP SP2 machine running on a domain.
> It's a 2.8 gig processor with 512 MB of ram, so it's no slow machine. it's
> brand new last month.
> So, now what we have is IE6 that takes forever to load up. It will sit there
> with "Opening "Http://url..."; in the status bar and when I hover over the IE
> window I get an arrow with an hourglass.
> This goes on for about 2 to 5 minutes and then the page will open and
> everything will work great. Navigating from page to page works flawlessly
> once the window is open, but opening a new window will take forever again.
> I have run Microsoft AntiSpyware, I have also run a few other spyware
> removal tools. I have run a virus scan, I have even gone through and removed
> anything unneeded from the startup using msconfig.
> I have watched the system resources and nothing is out of the ordinary
> during the 2 to 5 minutes it takes to load. It's not hogging my memory or
> processor and nothing else is either.
> This happens no matter what user is loggeds into the machine, so it is not a
> profile based problem.
> Any help is appreciated. It's taking forever for this user to log into our
> ERP software which opens three IE windows as part of it's process.

1) Did this from occur right from the outset? (it's a month old, you say)
2) Is it slow if you just open IE offline?
3) Do domain users have Internet access? (or is "ERP" on 'your' web server)
4) If it's an infection, have you checked other PCs on the domain?
5) Is your antivirus up-to-date? (mine updates almost every day)
6) Is the XP firewall active?

With some of these answers, maybe someone can pinpoint the problem.