Re: Javascript disabled in my browser?

Hi Paul, I see there's been a bit of confusion here :)

1. Active scripting basically means JavaScript or Visual Basic script. Both
can be used (even together) in a web page for active content.

JavaScript is nothing to do with the SUN language "Java" and Visual Basic
script is really nothing to do with the Microsoft Language Visual Basic...
the syntax is a bit similar but you don;t need either language to run the
scripts. Full marks for installing the Sun Java but that should not be
anything at all to do with the problem. However many sites do use Java and
generally it is run as an "Applet" (Small application) inside the browser so
you need one form of scripting or another to get the Applet going.

2. Scripting is used for numerous tasks, including opening new windows, so
the infamous "Pop-Up" is an example of scripting. XP SP2 with the updated
IE6 has it's own pop up blocker, and Norton probably has one too (depending
on the version). Generally speaking NIS is a pain in the neck to us here
because it breaks things, but you said you have it turned off so if it
includes such a blocker that should get Norton out of the equation. Do you
have any other blockers such as Yahoo or Google toolbars. Disabling
scripting is the "Poor man's" version of pop up blocking so you need to
disable any other blockers too.They will override IE settings.

On the IE window (Tools menu item) there may be an option to turn off the
built in pop up blocker. I don't know for sure if this is included in your
version of IE or not but that's an example of what I mean... too many of
these things running is likely a bad idea. You will need to disable any
external utilities to get sensible results.

Try this page and see what the box at the bottom says about your browser...
it should say something like You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
(compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.2; SV1; SALT 1.0.50414.1 0111 Developer;
..NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50215; InfoPath.1)

Some "Security" stuff changes this info which the browser sends to websites
and if the website can't get that part it may well get the wrong diagnosis
of any problems... Also hit the Privacy button and see if that works. This
is a very plain site that uses only very simple scripting so that is a test
of whether scripting is actually disabled or whether the DHL site just
thinks it is.

If for some reason this page works it may help diagnosis.


"Paul Kraemer" <PaulKraemer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I am using MS Internet Explorer 6, which came with Windows XP Pro when I
> bought my PC. I am having trouble accessing a paticular website
> (
> When I type in this addess, I get a page saying "This page will
> automatically redirect in 2 seconds. If this does not work for any
> reason,
> please click on the link below: DHL Global Home". It doesn't redirect
> automatically, so I click on the link. This brings me to a page that says
> "Sorry, unable to display page. We have detected that JavaScript has been
> disabled in your browser. Our site requires JavaScript be enabled. Please
> enable JavaScript in your browser settings and try again."
> Looking in Tools | Internet options on the Security tab, I have *
> listed in my trusted sites, where I have the security level set to "Low".
> I
> have installed the latest version of the Java runtime from Sun (version
> 1.5.0_04). Also in Tools | Internet Options on the Advanced tab, under
> the
> Java (Sun) category I have checked "Use JRE 1.5.0_04 for applet". On this
> same tab, but under the Microsoft VM category, I have checked "java
> console
> enabled", "Java logging enabled", and "JIT compiler for virtual machine
> enabled".
> I am running Norton Internet Security 2005, but even if I disable it, I
> still have the same problem. Actually, I have this same problem on two
> different PC's running Windows XP Pro. I have another PC running Windows
> 2000 from which I am able to access the website with no problem.
> If anyone has any ideas what might be wrong, I'd really appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Paul
> --
> Paul Kraemer


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