Re: Java not working in IE

Have you been through the settings of all third-party security programs,
ad-blockers, etc? Are there any programs running that might be blocking
scripts, scripting, active content?


"ISA Newbie" <> wrote in message
> I have read quite a few posts here and on other sites about folks having
> problems running Java in IE.
> I currently have that problem on a few machines, and are looking for a
> resolve. This seems to be occuring on IE 6, on both XP SP1, XP SP2 and
> machines. So far specifically IE 6.0.2800.1106 SP1.
> We have MSVM 3810 (yes I understand it is no longer being supported so
> please don't tell me that) installed as well as Sun Java 1.5.0_04. We have
> uninstalled, and reinstalled, and java is enabled in the browser and in
> control panel. When we try to load various applets, we get messages like
> "Java is not enabled" or "Java is not working" - but it is installed and
> enabled and applications can run - just not items in the IE browser. Sun
> works in other browsers on the machine, just chooses to not work in IE.
> I'm starting to dig into anything I can find and are trying anything I can
> find to fix the problem. I've checked security settings in IE. I'm trying
> delete items from in the Downloaded Programs Folders (incase they are
> corrupted). I am removing applets from in the java control panel, I've
> re-registering URLMON.DLL and resetting web settings in IE..My next step
> to start checking registry to see if there is something in there - maybe
> user agent string, or something like that...? I've also disabled 3rd party
> BHO's in the advanced tab in IE Options. I've tried cleaning temporary
> internet files and deleting the java cache in the control panel. We've
> running anti-spyware programs and nothing is coming up.
> I've started to check recent hotfixes to see if that could be culpret
> the problems started occuring within the past few months.
> I'm slowly running out of ideas other than format and reload - and I am
> too interested in finding what the problem is than to give up and reload
> especially since this behavior is on multiple machines and not just one. I
> know it isn't just my machines since there seems to be a lot of similar
> posts on the web.
> I've tried coming up with a common denominator for all the machines, but
> they are different OS's - all running IE 6 and some have McAffee of some
> sort running on them, and yes - I have checked firewalls to make sure java
> isnt blocked on the local machine. I have a friend who works at a local
> college and is also seeing this problem on a few of her machines.
> Any other suggestions greatly appreciated ! I'm sure others have seen this
> problem or are having this problem - any input welcomed.
> Shayla