Script Error every time a new Web page is loaded

Somebody please help me !

I have a Script Error poping out everytime I go into a Web page. The error
message is really similar to Microsoft Article ID 810395 (Revised September
12, 2005) and can be read as followed :

! An error has occured in the script on this page !
Line : 12
Char : 1
Error : Object expected
Code : 0
URL : file://C:\Documents and Settings\Stephane\Local

This error ALWAYS comes back with a different HTML location (NDr46.tmp.html
part of the URL will always change to NDr41.tmp.html or NDr100.tmp.html).

For additional information, the problem surged ever since I have downloaded
a new Norton Internet Security 2005 Edition on my computer. Could it be the
Security software that is causing this problem ? I have checked everything
related to the Security software and everything seems in order.

I was provided with an Hotfix from Microsoft (related to Article ID 810395)
but it didn't resolve the problem.

If anyone could help me resolve this problem (which I am sure it's something
simple to resolve), please contact me by email as soon as possible before I
start getting stomach ulcers with this issue.

Thank you all.