Re: Invalid Syntax Error for some pages

Hi Dan :-)

Have you tried to do a System Restore to a date before all this started? If it is a cross up of set ups program conflicts or whatever that is not related to a 3rd party software problem, then perhaps that would be a way to sort things out again. A SR would eliminate all the program installs or mis-installs so that your system would be as it was the date before all the problems started. Then you can take things slowly, redo the steps one at a time and see which one may have caused the problem.

How to restore the operating system to a previous state in Windows XP

How to Restore an WinXP system to a previous State using System Restore

Hope this helps :-)

Jan :)
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Sorry for the multiple posts but I just found out one more thing - I tried to download firefox and I got the error:
"your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded." I am not sure how important this is but it definetely started happening at the same time.
Thanks again,

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Hi Jan, sorry - I meant my log file is at Sorry about that. Thank you for your time and effort with helping me - I really appreciate it.

"Dan" <danorth@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:O4FXjEUUFHA.2172@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I actually didn't post it in a forum but ran it through the analyzer at It showed nothing out of the ordinary but if you care to look at it, it is also posted at I did delete all the TIFs as well and the problem is still there. Thank you for your help!

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Hi Dan :-)

In which forum did you post your HiJackThis log? Could you please post a link to the forum where you posted it? Also, try this and see if it helps:

Safely Delete the Temporary Internet Files

Hope this helps :-)

Jan :)
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Hi Jan,
I appreciate your help a bunch! Unfortunately I did everything that you suggested (except the online scans - those webpages wouldn't show up - I just got the Invalid syntax error) but the problem still persists. Is there anything else I might try? Could this be caused by something other than malicious ware? I also am realizing that Window XP SP2's built in firewall was asking me to unblock alot of programs I use everyday for the first time today. It was almost like Trend Micro's firewall was not working. Also, I notice that in Outlook 2003 all of my html emails that contain graphics that normally just show up on there own were not being displayed unless I specifically clicked "download images." Thanks again for your help!

"Jan Il" <abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eneQ2wPUFHA.612@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Dan :-)

You may have a hijacker and/or malware on your system. In addition to updating and running your AV, download, install and run the programs below in Safe Mode with Hidden Files enabled. This will remove the nasty you have and any others it may have let in the back door. Some malware can replicate itself repeatedly if not removed properly, so run them again according to the information below so that Windows is not operating to hide any files 'in use' Follow all instructions carefully:

First, Clear the TIF's and empty the recycle bin:

Also.empty your Recycle bin.

Then do the following:

WARNING>>>> Backup all documents and files before removing any spyware!!

How to properly scan for scumware (read first, if possible)

Download and install BHODemon from
Your problem may be caused by a bad BHO.

Most importantly, download install and run CWShredder here
and About Buster, which searches for hidden .dlls that recreate the malware.
Then visit these two sites to test for parasites and help basic cleaning:
On-Line Check
Quick-Fix Protocol.
Basically, throw everything here at your "infection".

Then download, install and immediately update these three programs before
AdAware SE - Update immediately after installing
AdAware Tutorial -
SpyBot S &D - Update immediately after installing
SpyBot S&D Tutorial -
Microsoft Windows Antispyware Program (Beta)

Also download, install and run CWShredder:

Next, do an Online scan here (if possible) -
Make sure that you choose "fix" or "clean".

Download PocketKkillbox from
and put it on the desktop where you can find it easily

Download, install, and run HiJackThis - it is one of the most important
tools to help clean your system of scumware. Follow the instructions

How to download and install HiJackThis: (it does not need to be updated)

Please DO NOT post your log to this newsgroup. It is important that you go
to one of the HiJackThis Support Forums below and allow the experts there
to analyze it for you.
AumHa HiJackThis Forum
or Bleeping Computer Forum
to allow the experts there to evaluate your log and advise you of any
necessary steps to clean your system.
(Note: You will have to Register before posting on these Forums. Please
follow all posting instructions carefully to avoid having your log deleted
or ignored.)

Also, please post a link to the forum where you post your HJT log back to this thread so that we can follow your progress there.

CAUTION!!!!! Before you try to remove spyware using any of the programs
below, download a copy of LSPFIX from any of the following sites:
(if your OS is Win2k or XP) The process of removing certain malware may kill
your internet connection. If this should occur, this program, LSPFIX, will
enable you to regain your connection.

You should also get a copy of WINSOCKXPFIX available at:
WinsockXP Fix- WinXP
with instructions, at
also... From LavaSoft- all versions of Windows-
(NOTE: It is reported that in XP SP2, the command netsh winsock reset
will fix this problem without the need for these programs.)
or Winsock Fix Utility

How to Restart in Safe Mode

How to Show Hidden  Files

Hope this helps :-)

Jan :)
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Hello everyone,

Just last night IE 6 started giving me an "Invalid syntax error" in the title bar and saying "The page cannot be displayed." I am not sure what is going on. I only installed the Netscape 8 browser beta recently and I uninstalled that too but no luck. The thing is that not every page is giving me an error. I know doesn't work as well as a few others. When I click on Windows Update I just get a totally blank white screen as well. I am running Windows XP Pro SP2 with IE 6 SP2. I have Trend Micro Internet Security 2005 installed with all updated components. I have also tried running Ad-Aware and SpyBot but neither turned up anything.

I would REALLY appreciate any help that anyone could give as I am becoming fairly nervous that there is something wrong with my system. Thank you,

-Dan Orth