"Page cannot be displayed" after reconnecting

From: Jason O. (JasonO_at_discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: 01/12/05

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 12:15:05 -0800

I have the common problem of IE not loading any sites; they all come up with
"Page cannot be displayed"; except, secure sites (https://) will load.
However, this only happens after reconnecting to my ISP (I use dial-up).
After starting Windows and connecting, pages load just fine; but if I get
disconnected and have to dial up again, no non-secure pages will load. After
restarting the computer, everything works fine again, but obviously it's a
pain to have to do that every time I get disconnected!

I have tried using different ISP's, and that's not the problem; I have even
tried using Firefox instead, and the same thing happens. I have looked over
everything under Internet Options-- I have deleted the TIF, restored Web
Settings, made sure the "proxy server" box was unchecked and the
"Automatically detect settings" box was checked. I have run Ad-Aware and I
have Norton 2004 running. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have another
suggestion? Please help!! I am running IE 6.0.29 on WinXP w/SP2.

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