Cannot Find Server or DNS when using AOL 9

From: Kurt (
Date: 11/28/04

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:21:03 -0800

Here is my Story. I have two problems which I suspect are related to each
other as they seemed to have started to appear at the same time. Problem #1:
Internet Explorer comes back with a "The page cannot be displayed ... Cannot
find server or DNS Error" when I am logged into AOL. My AOL Browser works ok.
 Problem #2: Using my AOL browser, I am able to log into the Windows Update
site and get through everything until it comes to download the update. The
download status box appears and the progress bar zips across in a split
second and I get an error message stating that the "updates were unable to be
successfully installed" when I look at the installation log I have an error
which turns out to be 80072EFD.
I have:
- HP m300Y Media Center PC 2004 version 2002 (build 2600) with Service Pack
2. (These problems started happening before I added SP2.)
- Microsoft IE Build 6.0.2900.2180
- AOL 9.0 version 16.4156.5001 US (a)

This all started to happen around late August 2004. The last two updates
from the Windows update site were “Cumulative Security Update for Internet
Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB867801)” and one for Agre Win Modem. Since I
was on vacation, I also did some other updates. Unfortunately I did not see
a black and white “now it works and now it doesn’t”. I was hoping that SP2
would take care of it and since I had days off for Thanksgiving, I was able
to install SP2. There has been no change in behavior after SP2.

I started to study the community help and try things and here is a summary
of where I am.

- I do not have Norton Firewall.
- I completed all of the tasks in
- When I am unsuccessful at downloaded from the Windows update site, I can
get the Windows service bulletin number from the error message and track down
the download from another microsoft web page and I am able to successfully
download my update in that manner using my AOL Browser.
- I am able to telenet into a web site using port 80 from the start/run
screen as one person asked in another thread.
- I am able to ping an IP address from the start/run screen but not connect
with IE.
- From IE, I can log into websites by changing the http: to an https: if
they have an https:.This is also true if I do the same thing from the Windows
Explorer screen.
- From the Windows Explorer screen I was able to get into,
but I can not from IE. From IE, I do not get the "cannot find server" error,
I get a permission denied.
- I have Norton Anti-virus software. I have Spybot & Spy Eliminator & AOL
Spy search software.
- Internet Explorer worked briefly when I had just completed the scan using
Spy Eliminator, but before I had actually “cleaned” the WildTangent spyware
it had found. When I clicked on Spy eliminator's online help link, IE
launched and worked until I rebooted the next time. I could not recreate
- In addition to AOL, I have Earthlink total Access 2004. When I am using
Earthlink, Internet explorer works just fine after I have to change the IE
connections setting to no proxy server.
- When I try to use Internet Explorer through AOL, and I put in and I watch the status bar at the bottom of the IE
window, I see;
     * “Connecting to
     * "DONE" (with the cannot find server error).
  # If I turn this into an address, IE goes right to it.
  # If I type in, I get and then the cannot
find server.
  # If I click the refresh button, I see;
     * Connecting to
     * DONE, but no “Cannot find Server” error. It is like it is locked up
with the windows flag waving and my cursor turns into an hour glass when over
the toolbars.
     * I get it unlocked by clicking the home page (about;blank). Then I
can do all of the above again.
- Thinking of the Agre Win Modem update I did. I rolled back my driver and
no change. Then I downloaded the latest driver from the Agre website and
still not change in behavior.

Wishing Us All A Better Tomorrow - Kurt