Re: can't play

From: LuckyStrike (
Date: 07/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 13:36:36 -0600

Hey -

The same is happening to me too. I can't play it either. :-( Can't even
get the Macromedia Flash Player to install. Maybe they should have some
Spyware pest make the installer, then you could get it fast by a
"drive-through window". heh-heh. <BG>

" mac" wrote:
> "Greg Carter" moaned:
> > I am trying to play a video (Bush/Kerry) file and all I see is the
> red/white/blue square in the upper left hand corner (the one that appears
> when something isn't loading).  I just added Zone Alarm....maybe that is
> problem.  Anyone?  Anyone?
> try:

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