adblaster2 and the case of the unclosable IE windows.....

From: spinkster (
Date: 07/05/04

Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 18:48:09 -0700

hello all,
something has happened to my almost brand new PC and now
i cant close IE browser windows & get constant Capital
One credit card ads courtesy of and my
tab & delete buttons have stopped working in a web
I have tried spybot, pest control & adaware but still
cant get rid of adblaster2 or close my IE windows once
they are open - which slows my PC down to prehistoric
a) how do i get rid of adblaster2?
b) anu ideas how i even got it?
c) anyone rate my chances of threatening Capital One for
using the firm - especially as they are starting to
crack down on companis that use 'heavy-handed',
indiscriminate marketing tools?
any help gratefully received - in exchange i can offer a
range of interesting info about fine wines, being mad and
a few other mirthsome topics....
spinkytastic thanks,
the Spinkster