Re: IE6 on Win XP hangs for 20 seconds after each page

From: Frank Saunders, MS-MVP (
Date: 03/02/04

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 08:24:32 -0600

Is this from Selena?

Frank Saunders, MS-MVP, IE/OE
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<> wrote in message 
> Hijack This solved my problem, Sandy.  Thanks so much.  I
> can return to my "home" browser!
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Get yourself a copy of BHODemon, available at
>> .
>>It does not need installing - simply unzip and run the EXE
> programme. It is
>>very easy to use.  It will often find the following
> hijackware DLL files,
>>and give you the ability to disable them easily.
>>Many people like AdAware, available at
> Make sure you keep
>>the signature files up to date and remember, AdAware only
> removes the
>>current install; it can't do anything about software that
> reinstalls itself
>>(unless you want to get stuck in an endless loop of
>>hijack/cleanout/hijack/cleanout). Sometimes you will have
> to track down and
>>remove the software that keeps putting the hijackware back
> - hence this
>>advice section.  Warning: AdAware is now version 6.181.
> All previous
>>versions are NO LONGER SUPPORTED and will not be updated.
>>The more experienced user can try Spybot. Again, it is a
> free programme
>>which can be downloaded from:
> Warning: it is NOT
>>a good programme for the inexperienced.  If you want to
> use this programme,
>>please get the advice of those more experienced before
> 'fixing' anything
>>that it finds.
>>Go to the link below to check your system for parasites
> (supplied by
>>Another excellent programme that allows you to examine
> your system and
>>*create a results log for experts to examine* is
> HijackThis, available from:
>>Download and run the latest version of "Cool Web Shredder"
>>Here is advice specific to:
>>home page hijackings
>>pop-up ads
>>search engine hijackings
>>IMPORTANT: The above programmes are excellent, and a lot
> of credit goes to
>>those who authored and update the programmes, but they can
> NOT detect
>>everything that is out there - as time goes on the
> programmes will become
>>more and more unwieldy if they try to maintain a standard
> of positive
>>identification for as much spyware as possible, and it
> will be harder and
>>harder for the programmes to catch everything that is out
> there. More and
>>more spyware uses RANDOM names as part of their programme
> making it
>>impossible for positive identification to occur, therefore....
>>It is VERY IMPORTANT that you learn how to examine your
> system for potential
>>problems as well as using 'fixit' programme such as
> AdAware or Spybot.
>>Check your startup folder and MSCONFIG (startup tab).  You
> can also check
>>the following registry keys and edit as appropriate (if
> you have experience
>>with same).
>>The following link will lead you to some Microsoft KB
> articles about the
>>basics of the Registry and working with it:
>>An experienced computer technician can use programme such
> as AutoStart
>>Viewer for in-depth diagnosis:
>>Empty your IE cache and your other temporary file folders,
> eg:
>>c:\windows\temp (if using Windows 98) or  C:\Documents and
>>Settings\<name>\Local Settings\Temp (the path to your temp
> folder will
>>change depending on your name) - sometimes programmes can
> be hidden in
>>there - watch out for mysterious *.exe files or *.dll
> files in those
>>Go to IE Tools, Internet Options, Temporary Internet Files
> {Settings
>>Button}, View Objects, Downloaded Programme Files. Check
> for unusual objects
>>Go to IE Tools, Internet Options, Accessibility.  Make
> sure there is no
>>style sheet chosen (under User Style Sheet - format
> documents using my style
>>sheet). If the option is turned on, turn it OFF.
>>It is possible to turn off third party extensions (Enable
> third-party
>>browser extensions (requires restart) at IE tools,
> internet options,
>>advanced) to disable *all* plug-ins but troubleshooting
> will be difficult
>>and it is only a BANDAID. Nothing gets fixed.  There is
> software that
>>depends on 'third party browser extensions" to work,
> including Acrobat,
>>Microsoft Money, and many other programmes.
>>Hyperlinks are used to ensure advice remains current
>>Do  NOT send me an email. I will NOT see it (thank the
> spammers and viruses)
>>Sandi - Microsoft MVP since 1999 (IE/OE)
>>"Selena" <> wrote in
> message
>>> Even though I have no answer for you, I wanted you to know
>>> I am experiencing the *exact* same situation, which also
>>> just started happening 5 days ago.
>>> I've been forced to use other browswers, because I am way
>>> too impatient for what is happening with IE.  But I
>>> continue to look for a solution, because IE is my browser
>>> of choice.
>>> If I find anything that works, I'll post back here.
>>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>>I have IE6 on a Windows XP system.  I've had this system
>>>>working fine for 18 months.  The past few days I cannot
>>>>get IE6 to stop "hanging" after every page is displayed.
>>>>"Hang" means I cannot click on any object and get a
>>>>response within the IE window.  I wait for 20 seconds
>>>>then all is working fine.
>>>>Even when I am "Working Offline" and just looking at my
>>>>own C: files, IE6 will hang 20 seconds after displaying
>>>>the page.
>>>>I have tried the following:
>>>>- Stopped all firewall and popup blocking software
>>>>- Disabled my modem in the system (I am using a cable
>>>>- Used Window Updater to update all Windows OS updates
>>>>including installed Windows XP SP1 and IE SP1
>>>>Anyone have any other ideas????