Re: Internet Explorer - Slow Page Loading

From: Robert Aldwinckle (
Date: 02/29/04

Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 15:43:51 -0500

> if I push the Enter key twice after entering an Internet address,
> IE works just fine--it's weird.

You didn't say but I suspect that you are not typing a protocol prefix;
so what you are typing actually may be used as a search argument
for your inline search service. Pressing Enter again could be equivalent
to pressing Stop to stop that request and then somehow switching to
a more direct one.

Try to find out what that search service is by pressing Ctrl-e,Alt-z,Alt-A
Is search from the Address bar active and does it work when you request
it explicitly? (FYI searches from the Address bar are made explicit
by first typing a question mark, or find or go, then your search expression.)

Be aware that typing a site name without a protocol prefix can represent
an implied search from the Address bar depending on the values of the
URL Prefixes or DefaultPrefix in the registry. Corruption of those values
is a common cause of your symptom and related problems. They are also
a way that Address bar hijackers can take you to their site before letting
you see what you were expecting to see (which is thus a common cause
of delays such as the one that you are complaining about).

I'm not sure what the mechanism is that kicks such an implied lookup
into an implied search. I suspect that it is probably a failure in a DNS
lookup or perhaps even a DNS which is too slow for IE's expectations.

Try this test as a way hopefully to avoid the latter case.
Before entering a site name in the Address bar
first do either a ping or an nslookup with it in a command window.
(The idea is that if your DNS caches that lookup for long enough
it will take less time when IE needs it done.) Delays in lookup
are more noticeable when you use nslookup than when you use
ping IMO. Testing with nslookup would also allow you to ascertain
if there was a problem with the first DNS server address but not with
the second (which could be another possible source of delay).

> had problems with registering the Oeautl32.dll

If that is not a typo for this post it would explain that problem.
The real filename is oleaut32.dll


Robert Aldwinckle

"Todd Shillam" <> wrote in message
First and foremost, I've done all the basic stuff:
IE helper objects Removed
Updated virus .date file and performed complete scan--I've got a clean bill of health.
CONFIGURATION: Windows 2000 SP4 w/ IE SP1--all Windows updates too.
PROBLEM: In short, when I type in an address in IE's address bar and press the Enter key, it appears like it takes a long time to
resolve DNS, and IE is very slow, and takes a painfully long time to load--sometimes it errors out; other times, it will load the
Web page.
However, if I push the Enter key twice after entering an Internet address, IE works just fine--it's weird.
Regarding hyper-text links, the same thing--I have to click links twice. I have tried the following, but had problems with
registering the Oeautl32.dll--wouldn't work.  I checked the registry and all keys were present. Otherwise, I could register the
other DLLs just fine.