Re: Event Id 8194

Humm..I think I was missing the GroupPolicyPreferences.admx and that was the
problem. I had to add that to my policy definitions in order to see the
logging and tracing folder and now the errors are gone. I will monitor this
through the day but I really think that was the problem.

"Florian Frommherz [MVP]" wrote:


Tony ThreeToes wrote:
Where can i find the trace file so I can check what is the issue or anyone
one has any ideas? I know some of this error used to be thrown by policy

Start logging with the following Group Policy applied to the client:
CompConf\Policies\AdmTempl\Group Policy\Logging and Tracing\ -
"Shortcuts Policy Processing"

You can specify the log file path in the policy then. Once you have set
it up, you may get more information on what's going on. Feel free to
post back if there's anything further.


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